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Chad + Jess

Our Script: Well, we began like most...well you know not really...Chad and I met while teaching (I am a theatre teacher and he is a music teacher and now certified principal), at the time I had this ball of 18 month old red headed energy "Sonny" along for the ride. Chad and I became very close friends, a short while later we married and became a family. We love to travel, to see new places and things, to spend time with our youth group and our students, church trips, school activities, hanging with family and friends on the lake, and being teachers we especially love our summers. We are unique, artistic, fun, and ready with open arms to add to our family and life.


'Jess' Image

There are not enough words to describe my feelings for my wife. Every word that comes to mind seems inadequate. She is stunningly beautiful, she has a brilliant mind especially for anything arts related, she is no doubt the most talented individual I have ever met, she is devout in her faith in God, she always brings out the absolute best in everyone in her life and that includes me. She makes me smile when times are hard. Her affection, patience, and love as a mother is so deep that it is incomprehensible to many. Jess has always been the most deserving mother I could imagine, but one thing is for sure; our family is incomplete without you. We don't know you yet, but I know that we will love you and that sweet, sweet, baby when we meet and long after.

Chad Dad


'Chad' Image

Chad took me and Sonny on with a brave and loving heart, we became a family, and we have never looked back.

Chad is an amazing man. He is intelligent, talented and full of strength and faith. Chad has a kind heart and an open mind. Chad is one of the best teachers I have ever known. He inspires me daily to be better. Chad works tirelessly to better himself and his students. He has a 4.0 in his graduate studies to become a principal, attends each football practice with Sonny, helps me with my music direction for my plays, tutors and provides private lessons for his students, leads our youth group each week, makes breakfast each morning and helps around the house, loves his family and friends, and continues to help wherever and whenever he is needed. No one could convince me there is a greater man on this planet. We are truly a team and best friends and we love our life and can't wait to share it with another child.

Chad is an amazing step father to Sonny the bond they have is truly a gift. Sonny admires and looks up to his Chad Daddy and I am truly blessed with their love. I can't wait to see him experience fatherhood from the beginning and I know without a shadow of a doubt there is no better Daddy or husband on the planet.


From Sonny

'From Sonny' Image


I am a pretty simple 10 year old. I love sports, hunting, reading, drawing and especially video games!

My favorite thing to do with Momma and Chad Daddy is travel to really cool places, go to Hockey games, swim, and camp.

We also love going to church together and having fun with the youth group.

I have wanted a brother or sister for a really long time and I can't wait to help take care of the baby and especially to hold him or her. I am even okay with the whole crying thing because I bet I will be able to help them feel better, I'm pretty funny.

I am a pretty lucky and loved kid and I can't wait to share my Mommy and Chad Daddy with someone else. I promise you the baby will be loved, spoiled, smart and awesome because he or she will have an awesome family helping them grow and learn.

Thank You so much for choosing us and helping my family grow.


Our Angel

'Our Angel' Image

Earth Angel

We are taught angels are majestic, perfect, gifts sent from above.

Angels are perfect in every way. Always protecting, helping, Loving beyond measure.

We have been praying for our child for a very long time, Therefore,even unknown to us, we have been praying for you also.

God has answered our prayers and sent our Earth Angel in your form, In your miracle and ours.

No matter what you think, see, or feel, always know YOU hold a special place in our hearts. You're forever our earth angel.

To our Angel on Earth,

Life is precious, it is a blessing, and it also is a really wild ride.

We are all in the same boat, none of us may have planned this route, but we are all so honored with the blessing of new life.

We want you to know we sit in admiration of you and of your bravery. To gift someone with life, a family they couldn't create without you, is the most selfless act of love we can imagine.

We can't imagine all of the things going through your mind but know that we are praying for YOU and thinking of YOU every day.

You are truly a blessing and your gift of life extends beyond what you can even imagine.

We are honored to have your consideration.

Chad, Jess and Sonny

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