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Casey + Deann

Hi! We are Casey and Deann. We are beyond humbled by the courage you are displaying during this undoubtedly difficult decision to choose adoption for your baby. We hope that you understand and find comfort in knowing that your child will be an amazing blessing to a loving family. We would be ever so grateful to be that family and a part of your adoption plan. Your baby would grow up in a loving, nurturing and supportive home with two people that want nothing more than to share what the world has to offer.

A Little About Us!

'A Little About US!' Image

Our story began on Match.com in June 2011. We both were urged by friends to try online dating. Neither of us was very excited about the process, but it worked! Deann sent Casey a "wink" and the rest is history! It was truly love at first sight and we never looked back.

We both feel so fortunate to have found each other in life. A strong friendship is the foundation of a great marriage. The best piece of advice ever given to us was to laugh every day. Laughter is such a magical thing to share with the love of your life! We believe in love and respect for each other as well as for those around us.

About Deann (through Casey's Eyes)

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Deann, my wife and best friend, is friendly, loyal, unselfish and genuine. She is always ready to step in and help someone in need or lend support in whatever way she can. She values her personal relationships and wants everyone important in our lives to be happy and loved. She is the planner in our family, always making sure that everything is just as it should be. She loves to kick back and enjoy life also, preferably somewhere with water and beach. She loves me unconditionally and I have no doubt the same for a child.

About Casey (through Deann's Eyes)

'About Casey (Through Deann's Eyes)' Image

Casey is funny, loving, caring... and did I mention FUNNY?? He makes me laugh every day!! Casey has a way of knowing when you need someone to lean on, need an ear to listen or if laughter is the best medicine. He really makes me stop and enjoy things in life that otherwise I may have let go by unnoticed. He is so easy to love and gives it back freely. He will make an amazing father one day. Casey will be the dad in the yard throwing the football, drawing the hopscotch board or pushing the baby doll carriage. He is beyond kind to everyone and asks very little in return. He has a heart of gold. I am beyond blessed to have him as my husband and best friend.

Our Families And Friends

'Our Families and Friends' Image

We are in constant contact with all of our parents. While they aren't all close in geography, the digital world has really helped us stay in touch and take part in things that we would have missed just a few years ago. Deann's parents are about two hours away, so we see them at least once a month. Casey's mom is actively looking to purchase a house in our town so she can be closer!

We have an amazing support system of friends that are ready and willing to help. We spend quite a bit of time with the other families with children and everyone is excited to watch a little one grow up with us!

Our Pets

We have two dogs, Halle and Dakota. We are big animal people that have soft hearts for the special pets that have been in lives.

Halle is three year old Labradoodle. The neighborhood kids ring the doorbell to see Halle. She makes sure to give plenty of kisses and gets belly rubs in return. She loves everything about life. She is always HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

Dakota is Golden Mix. He was Casey's dog originally, but he loves Deann more than anything in the whole world. His eyes are so happy when she comes home. He also loves it when Casey takes him for a car ride!

Our Home

We live in an amazing neighborhood filled with kids and great people. There are over 40 kids under 10 years old! Our neighborhood has kid friendly events multiple times a year, including Easter egg hunts, July 4th kids parade, pool parties, a fall festival, Santa visits, horse carriage rides and more.

Our house is located in a cul-de-sac. We have a fenced backyard perfect for a swing set. We often have get togethers in the cul-de-sac with our neighbors for cookouts or a friendly game of wiffle ball between kids and adults. We are excited to share it all with a child.

We are fortunate to live in a county with excellent public education. The neighborhood elementary school is ranked #1 in the county. We also have several excellent charter school and private school options. Quality education is very important to both us.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking your time to learn about us. We do hope that you feel the love that we have for each other through the pictures and words we have shared. There is so much more that we wish we could fit! We hope that you consider us as a potential couple to help you carry out your adoption plan. We absolutely welcome any and all questions, and would love the chance to get to know more about you.

All our love and prayers,

Casey and Deann


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