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Byron + Kari

There is so much love and laughter in a large family! We look forward to welcoming another child into our home. We have found peace and joy in building our family through adoption. We hope that you, too, may feel such peace and joy.

Our Story

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From the moment we met in 1996 we have been inseparable. We fell in love quickly and were married one year after we started dating. (We have now been married for 18 years!) After graduating from college we moved back to our hometown to be close to our family. We both wanted a large family and after years of heartache, our daughter, Tessa, was born in 2002. Ruby was born in 2005. In 2010 we experienced the joy of adopting our son, Leo, through Gladney, and in 2013 we also adopted our daughter, Kamari (Kiki), through Gladney.

About Byron

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Byron is quiet, calm, and patient. He has a funny sense of humor and keeps me laughing all of the time. I love how he can get silly with the kids and just let go and have fun. He is a very hands on dad and does everything from getting up in the night with Kamari, to fixing broken Barbie dolls, or building bike ramps. He is an amazing cook and does all the cooking for our family. Thankfully that is something he loves to do! He has his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and works for the Judicial Department.

Byron is an amputee. He had his lower left leg amputated at the age of 7 to do a birth defect. It certainly doesn't slow him down. In fact, every year he dresses up as a pirate for Halloween. He has one of his older prosthetic legs that he actually made into a pirate peg leg, and he has so much fun dressing up. Kids from all over town come to our house every year to see the "real pirate". Halloween is quite the production around here!

About Kari

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Before becoming a stay-at-home mom when Tessa was born, Kari earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. She is such a great mom and it comes so natural to her. She truly enjoys being silly and playful with the kids and can really connect with them at their own unique levels. Watching her spend time with our kids, you can tell it is something she truly loves to do. I am so proud watching her as a mother, and how smart, caring, and spirited our children are becoming mainly because of her.

Kari's biggest passion is for decorating and she has made our house such a warm, safe, and inviting place to live and raise children. She loves searching antique stores, garage sales and junk piles for that perfect old piece of furniture. Our house is full of fun, colorful and unique treasures. Kari loves to garden and each year the garden seems to get bigger and bigger.

Our Kids

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We are so excited to add another child into our family. Tessa and Ruby are only 2 1/2 years apart, and they have an amazingly strong bond. Our wish is for Leo and Kamari to have a sibling close to their age to grow up with and experience life with.

Tessa is 14 and in the 8th grade. She helps so much with Leo and Kamari and absolutely loves babies and children. She also loves to cook and does most of the baking in our family. Her biggest hobby is sewing. She taught herself how to sew and spends a lot of her free time sewing clothes for herself and for others.

Ruby is 11 and in the 6th grade. She loves music, her cat, and pigs! She is spunky and lives life to the fullest. She is very funny and there is never a dull moment with her around. She is an artist and makes tiny little animals and people out of clay. She also helps a lot with Leo and Kamari.

Leo is 6. He is a very active little boy and loves nothing more than riding his bike. He spends hours everyday outside with his dog, Jack. He also has a quiet side and likes to sit and build Lego's and watch movies. He loves to fly kites with his dad.

Kamari (Kiki) is 3 years old. She talks a lot and definitely has a mind of her own. She adores her older siblings and she always has someone to play with. Leo is her best friend and she follows him everywhere. Her favorite thing in the world is to go for bike rides in her bike trailer.

Thank You

We hope that we can be that special family to you if you are wanting your child to grow up in a large family. We have so much more love to give and our hearts and home are ready to welcome another child into our family. We have very happy children, and we can promise you that your child would have a home filled with giggles, a little bit of craziness, and a lot of love.

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