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Bryan + Allison

Hello, We are Bryan, Allison, Ty, and Carter. Thank you for visiting our profile. We are a fun-loving family of four that has much room in our hearts for another. We love outdoor activities, time with family, and our great friends. We can't wait to meet you!

Dear Expectant Parents

We are grateful for your decision to make an adoption plan; it is a testament to your love and care for your precious child. We cannot imagine the journey you went through to arrive at the decision of adoption, but you are certain to bring pure joy to the family that you choose to be a part of this journey. As you face this difficult decision, know that you are covered in prayer by two strangers that would be honored to meet you and your little one.

About Bryan

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Bryan grew up with his parents and three brothers in a small town in Mississippi (aka "Missippi"). He went to college in South Carolina to play baseball where he graduated with a political science degree. He then moved to Texas where he completed a Master's degree and is working on a PhD.

Here is a list of foods Bryan doesn't like: 0Here is a list of sports Bryan doesn't watch: 0Here is a list of books Bryan hasn't read: 0

Ok, so there may be a few books he hasn't read, but for the most part he will read any book, watch any sport, and try any food. He also loves outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.

Despite being a full time student while working a full time job, he still makes time for his family. He is the perfect demonstration to our boys of how to prioritize what is most important and how to be a true gentleman to their mama.

About Allison

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Allison grew up in South Carolina with her parents, brother, and sister. She played volleyball, soccer, and basketball in high school and won (roughly) 78 intramural championships in college. She graduated with a physical education degree and moved to Texas with Bryan after graduation. Now she is a full time stay-at-home mom, so she works 168 hours/week and 52 weeks/year. She enjoys reading, exercising, crafting, and building forts out of bed sheets and blankets. Despite all the dirty diapers, spilled milk, and runny noses, her never-ending joy and selflessness is a blessing to our family.

About Ty

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This is Ty (a.k.a. T-Money). He is named after Bryan's friend, Tyson. Ty is our sweet, sensitive 2.5 year old. He loves to explore outside, can tell you the name of every kind of tractor or truck, and could not be a more patient big brother. When something needs to be fixed with tools or prepared in the kitchen, Ty is the guy for the job. He has a servant's heart and such a gentle, selfless spirit.

About Carter

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Meet Carter (a.k.a. Carter Man). Even at just a year old he has already started to show his playful personality. He is always ready to be chased or to throw a ball. Carter does not meet a stranger; he always has a smile ready for anyone that looks his way. We have fallen in love with his go-with-the-flow personality and his readiness for any new adventure that comes his way.

Thank You

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How do you thank someone forever? If you choose our family, we will be forever grateful. Even if you don't, we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family.

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