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Brian + Shannon

Our names are Brian and Shannon. Our son Zachary joined our family through adoption. Becoming parents through adoption was a wonderful experience, so we are so excited to adopt again! We admire and are humbled by your courage and strength in taking this difficult step to choose adoption. We hope that this glimpse into our lives will help you to know us better and give you an idea of the kind of parents we are. Wherever your journey leads you, we hope you find comfort in knowing that your sacrifice means more than words could ever convey to us.

Our Beginning…as Told By Shannon

'OUR BEGINNING…as told by Shannon' Image

We always tell people "We met at a TIRE store." It was not romantic but it turned into a happy day to have a bad tire. Brian was late for his appointment for new tires. I was early so I could get to work on time. Brian had to wait so he sat down and promptly started chatting. Two years later he asked me to marry him, and eight months after that we were married in front of our family and friends on a perfectly sunny, spring day. We just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.

We spent the first year of marriage building our relationship and enjoying our lives together. We always knew we wanted children, and in 2015 we brought home the most precious little boy ever. We have loved Zachary since the moment we met him, and he has brought a great deal of joy to our family. Now we are ready to grow our family and give Zachary a little brother or sister. We are so anxious and excited!

Shannon As Told By Brian

Shannon is a very caring and kind person, and I love her very much. Shannon's love for me makes me a better person and makes me want to improve every day. She is one of the most generous, caring, loving, and thoughtful people I know. She is a huge motivating factor in my life, giving me the strength to face each day with enthusiasm.

Shannon is a great mom and it is evident when she is with Zachary. He lights up when she walks into a room and he runs to her with open arms. She always makes sure to leave work worries at the door and focuses on spending time hugging Zachary, reading to him, playing with him, and pouring into his life.

Brian As Told By Shannon

'Brian as told by Shannon' Image

Brian is truly the sweetest man I know. He is someone I can count on when life gets tough. He is a good talker and also a great listener. Brian is a man of God and I love that about him most. He loves life and adores his family. Brian has taught me how to relax and "stop and smell the roses."

Brian is a natural born father and it is obvious when you see him with our son Zachary. He lovingly prepares Zachary for bed by reading to him, singing to him, and rocking him to sleep. He finds joy in caring for our son in every stage of his growth. While Zachary is only a year old, he knows his father's voice and expresses his love for his father with big smiles, hugs, and kisses.


Zachary was born in 2015. He is not only cute, but thoughtful, observant and a smart little boy. He is a constant joy in our lives since the moment we saw him at just 48 hours old. Now that he is a year old, we are excited about his growth and the love he brings to us and those who meet him.


Brian comes from a small family. Even though his mother passed away when he was four years old, he and his sister were constantly surrounded by Brian's grandmother, aunts, uncles, loving father and plenty of cousins while growing up. He is close to his sister who lives nearby, and he is also close to his Aunt Linda who is a world traveler and speaks several languages. His cousins all have children who light up each time Brian comes for a visit.

Family is also very important to Shannon. She grew up with a brother and two sisters, and their household was always filled with lots of love and laughter. Her sisters live close by, so they visit regularly, and her brother is a research scientist. He is married with a daughter who adores Shannon because Shannon helped care for her until she was five. Shannon's parents are retired, and live nearby. They love Zachary and are looking forward to helping love a new baby.

Faith In Our Home

'Faith In Our Home' Image

We are Christians and will raise our children in the same faith. We want our children to know that God has a special purpose for their life, and we feel that one of our roles as parents is to help our children grow in their love for God and find that purpose in life. Our prayer is that our relationships with our children will be strong and open. We want our children to feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or problems they may have and know that, in the reflection and power of God, we will give unconditional love and support.

Our Home

We have a one story with a beautiful backyard that overlooks a state park. We love to run around playing with Zachary, and we also love spending time cooking out. We look forward to installing a swing and gym set for our children.

Our neighborhood is like no other. It is safe and located in a good school district. We know all of the neighbors on our block and many others who surround us. Our neighbors are like family and have been there to help us during difficult times and cheer for us during the good times.

Our Travels

We love to travel and see the world. We are now working to make sure our children have the same experience and joy of learning from the different cultures. Zachary has already visited more than a dozen states and with his passport he will see so much more.

In Closing

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We hope this letter has told you a little more about us. If you choose us for your child, we promise to always strive to provide a loving, stable home with lots of family and friends to surround and love him or her. We understand and hope that you will always be a big part of your child's life, no matter who raises him or her, and we will always make sure they know how amazing you are. May you be comforted in this difficult decision and have peace. Thank you again for considering us as parents for your baby.

Our Love & Prayers,

Brian, Shannon, and Zachary

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