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Brian + Alisha

Hello! We are so excited to introduce you to our family. Thank you for checking out our profile and letting us show you a glimpse of our lives. We know that you have a lot of tough decisions ahead of you and we admire your courage and strength as you go through this journey. We hope that our profile will help show you how much we will love and care for your child.

About Us

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Brian and I met during college. Our paths crossed during classes and social events. We started spending time together while we both helped at a children's outreach program at a local church. But it wasn't until the summertime when we exchanged letters and emails that we really became friends. After several years of friendship we finally started dating and two years later we married.

We have had a lot of adventures as a couple. We both traveled to Europe during college and were interested in seeing more of the world. We've toured Turkey and Greece, visited Austria and Germany and several of the other countries in that region, as well as Africa. We even lived in Europe for nearly three years, but when we adopted our daughter in 2009 we decided to return to the U.S. to be close to family.

Education is also very important in our family. We both have college degrees and we will encourage our children to attend college as well. We will encourage our children to pursue their passions, whether that takes them to the corporate office or the art studio.

Our faith has always been an important part of our lives. We are active members in a church of approximately 200 members. In our congregation, there are many other transracial families or families who have grown their families through adoption. It's important to us to be part of communities and organizations where there are other families that look like ours.

Early in our marriage, we decided that we would grow our family through adoption. We know that it's not always the easiest way, but we believe it is the best decision for our family. We hope that the following pages allow you to get a good sense of our family and how much love we have to share with your child.

Meet Alisha (written By Brian)

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Alisha has many talents and qualities that I admire. Here are some of my favorites:

She's really good at teaching herself to do things. She learns quickly, too. She's taught herself to sew and quilt, and she's made all kinds of clothes, dolls, and quilts for friends and family. I really love it when she has a project going, whether it is painting the bathroom cabinets or learning to cook a new dessert, it's neat to watch her focus on learning new things. I'm glad that our kids will be exposed to this quality, that they will see someone who is curious and interested in learning and growing.

Alisha is strong, but she is not an overwhelming personality. She is determined and a hard worker, and people like working with her. I'm glad that our kids have such a great example of hard work and determination.

Alisha loves being in a family. She loves being a mom and loves being a wife. We're able to meet life's challenges and grow as a family because Alisha loves taking care of her family.

Alisha likes dreams. No matter how old I get, she always reminds me to keep pursuing my dream of being a writer. She likes me to have dreams and she likes to share in my dreams. I love that. Life without a dream can get pretty boring, and Alisha never lets me go very long without reminding me of my own dream, reminding me that she believes I can be writer. I'm really glad that our kids will have a mom who will raise them to have dreams for the future and to love having dreams.

A Little About Brian (written By Alisha)

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Brian has always had a way with words. We met in college and became friends during my first year (his second). That summer we exchanged letters and emails and I began to fall in love with him through his letters. It took two years before we started dating and two more before we married. Sometimes Brian wonders what took us so long to get married. I've wondered that too; I was convinced he was going to propose to me after we had dated six months!

Brian is one of the most interesting people that I know. He has a great sense of humor, but you have to pay attention because his wit is dry and can be easily missed. I knew he would be a great dad before we ever became parents. He has always been great with my nieces and with the children of our friends. It was amazing to see him blossom as a father. Every quality I love about him -- his gentle spirit, patience, and love; his light-heartedness and sense of humor -- all of it became bigger.

One of the things I love most about Brian is how he encourages me to be the best person I can be. If I want to try something new, he encourages me to go after it. If I'm being hard on myself, he tells me to knock it off -- in a good way. He never makes me feel bad for spending time pursuing my interests and he often tells Minerva how proud he is of the work that I do. He pushes me to do better without making me feel like I'm being pushed. I truly believe that I'm a better person because of him. He is the same way with our daughter and I know he will be the same with our future child as well. Because of this, I believe our children will grow up knowing they can succeed at anything they put their mind to accomplishing.

Introducing Minerva

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Minerva joined our family when she was 20 months old. She is our little social butterfly and loves to be around people, especially extended family. She is at her happiest when she's surrounded by family.

Minerva enjoys all of the typical things that girls her age like -- dancing and singing, sports like soccer, swimming, and gymnastics, and playing with friends. But she also loves to clean; except, of course, if she's the one who has made the mess.

Minerva cannot wait to be a big sister. She has been practicing feeding and changing diapers with her doll. She has always been good with young children and we know she will be a big help with her brother or sister.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading our story and considering us to parent your child. We hope we have told the story of our family in a way that gives you a good idea of the type of family we are and the kind of parents we will be for your child. We are not a perfect family, but we are a family who loves one another and who love being a family. We promise to love your child unconditionally, share our hopes and our faith, and always encourage our children to become their best selves. We pray that God will bless you with comfort and peace as you make this decision.

The Adoption Process

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