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Brett + KerriLynn

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves. We would first like to acknowledge the difficulty of the decision you're about to make. We cannot pretend to know what you are going through, but we can tell you that we think you are the bravest person we can think of. Although we cannot truly understand your sacrifice, we can understand the love you have for your baby and your desire to want the best for him or her. Our desire is to be able to shower this child with love and surround them with family that will encourage, nurture and cherish them. We want to give them every opportunity,but still allow them their own individuality. We want to raise your child with respect and kindness. Adopting our son Colton was an incredible experience and we are excited to expand our family. We are deeply humbled and greatly honored that you have taken the time to read this. Thank you!

About Us

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Hi! We are Brett and KerriLynn. We have been married for 8 years and together for almost 11. We first met because a friend of ours would not give up. We both love country music and where we live there is only one place to go to hear it, and she happened to be a waitress there. We both had months of hearing "I have a girl for you,"or "you really have to meet him." We both hate blind dates so we resisted her match making attempts until fate stepped in. One night, while watching person after person get thrown off the mechanical bull, we finally saw each other. It was shortly after that we found out we were the ones our friend was trying to set us up with! And yes, if you're wondering, we still haven't heard the end of it, even after making her our Maid of Honor! We went on a date and that was it for us, we had found our other half. Adoption was brought up on that first date. KerriLynn hadsome medical issues and was aware that pregnancy might not be a possibility for her. Brett's answer is something we live by, "A family is a family, as long as there is love, it doesn't matter how you become one." We were married 2 years later, started a successful restaurant business and are now hoping to add to that family we dreamed about on our first magical night.

About Kerrilynn

My wife has many great characteristics, but becoming a mom has brought out even more. She was always warm and caring, creative and funny, open and strong, but now she's all that and Superwoman! KerriLynn takes care of everyone and everything in our house, and that's a lot considering we do animal rescues! She is always willing to help or hug depending on what's needed, and her laughter can be heard throughout the house. She's a girly girl who hikes, and uses a power drill. Colton and I are truly blessed to have her. I was initially drawn to KerriLynn's beauty, playfulness and great smile but was completely overwhelmed by her true inner beauty. My wife has the biggest and most caring heart out of anybody I have ever met. She is a true believer in being kind and thoughtful to all forms of life, except spiders, and always has her arms wide open for those in need. She is the most unselfish person I know and will always put others before her own personal goals. Together we makea great team. I build the house and she fills all the rooms with love and caring.

About Brett

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There are so many little things that I love about him. He opens doors for me. He reaches for my hand when we're walking, pullsout chairs and helps me with my coat. He's a gentleman and a goofball all in one. Brett has an inner strength that draws people to him. He is a problem solver and natural caregiver and becoming a dad has made him even stronger. He's the dad that crawls around the front yard and sing's off key in line at the supermarket just to get a smile. He's the human bouncy swing and real life choo-choo train. He loves to camp and hike and just enjoys the outdoors period! Brett is adventurous and curious and can't wait to go "exploring" with our kids. He is the person I trust the most, laugh the hardest with, (and sometimes at), and I love going through life with him. Brett listens and comforts, he inspires and amazes me. He is simply "My Love" and I am very lucky to have married my best friend.

Meet Colton

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Watching Colton, who was born in May of 2014, grow from a peanut to the funny, bright, curious child he is now has been our greatest joy. Colton is fearless and adventurous, cautious and cuddly. He loves, loves Mickey Mouse. He can't get enough of trucks and music and he will dance anywhere. Colton is fascinated by his older cousins and protective of younger ones, even trying to teach them to crawl! We know he will make an excellent older brother. We have always wanted a large family and are hoping to be blessed again. We are excited to start the adventure of expanding our hearts and our love.

Our Family

Our family is extremely important to us and will be a large part of our children's life. We both grew up on the East Coast and are very lucky to have almost all of our family still here. Brett has 6 siblings, four of which are within an hour's drive. KerriLynn has a younger brother whose family lives 10 minutes from us. Family gatherings are large, noisy and often. Between the two of us we have 15 nieces and nephews, ranging in ages from newborn to 24, and way too many cousins to count. Family is involved in everything we do, from managing our restaurant to painting our house. We are in each others' lives daily and we wouldn't have it any other way. Kitchen tables and fire pits are the weekly back drops for story time and laughter, and no one tells a story like Brett. Our family is a source of strength for us and they are all looking forward to welcoming our new child into the family and becoming aunts, uncles, and grandparents all over again. He or she will be surrounded by love, laughter, and acceptance and a whole bunch of open arms!

Thank You

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully get to know us. We hope you have gotten a sense of the type of loving, encouraging, joyful future that we envision for your child. We are humbled and extremely grateful that you would consider us forthat task. We respect the difficult decision you are about to make. Your journey is as important to us as our own and we would like you to know that your story will never go untold. Every day we will be thankful to the woman who did for us what we could not. We wish you strength, courage, peace and love in your life.

Always Blessings,

KerriLynn & Brett

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