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Brandon + Amber

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show you our lives through this profile. We cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you to be at this crossroads in your life. Placing your child for adoption is no small decision; in fact, it is perhaps the most challenging, stressful decision you could ever make. However, we also know, it is a selfless gift of love, that you chose life. We are extremely excited and overwhelmed with joy to become parents and cannot wait to share our love and joy with a child. Our families and friends are ecstatic to meet the child that will bless our lives. It is our hope that looking through our profile, you will be able to feel all of the love that we have to offer a child. We wish you peace and happiness in your decision making.

Our Story

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God definitely laid out a path for us to meet. We actually went to high school together and had never met until years later! We were both out and about one day, and Amber recognized Brandon from being in an Agriculture class picture with her older brother. She introduced herself to him and we hit it off. We became friends, and a couple of years later our friendship blossomed into a relationship. After 2 years of dating, we got married on a cruise ship, which was really fun. We live life to the fullest and have lots of love and laughter in our home.

We have always wanted a family. For the past several years, we have tried having a child, with the help of fertility treatments, but have been unsuccessful. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and feel that God has led us to adoption. In our hearts, we know that we are meant to be parents and would love to give your baby a home filled with love. We could not be more honored to be on this journey with you and are so excited to be starting a family.

About Amber: By Brandon

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Amber is my wife, soul mate, and best friend. Even after 9 years, she continues to amaze me every year. Her caring heart and sense of humor are great. She is a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, who has worked for the same hospital for 7 years. Amber loves taking care of the babies and teaching their parents. She works just 3 days a week, where she cares for the smallest premature babies, as well as the bigger newborns. Amber treasures her family and friends and adores spending time with them. Family game nights and get-togethers are really fun with her family! Her hobbies are working out, working in the garden, shopping, and working on craft projects. Amber lives life to its fullest and brightens everyone's path that she crosses.

About Brandon: By Amber

Brandon is an amazing person. He's kind, generous, accepting, funny, and loving. He loves talking to people and never meets a stranger. Brandon works as an Operations Manager for an oilfield product company, where he enjoys working with his hands by welding. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, barbecuing, and building things with wood. He is excited to have a child that he can teach things to, such as tying their shoes, riding a bike, and fishing. He was actually adopted himself and is really excited to grow our family through adoption like his parents! Brandon sees his own adoption as a gift from his birth mother and has always admired the amazing choice that she made in giving him the gift of life and giving his parents the treasure of a son. He has always known that he was adopted, and we are excited to pave that same path with our future child.


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Miley is the cutest dog! She is so loving and playful. She has a calm and sweet personality. She loves to "speak" to us and gets really excited when visitors come over. She is white, soft, and very fluffy! She likes to go on walks and roll around in the grass on sunny days. Miley adores family, friends, and treats! She loves to play around with her toys and has fun running around the yard. She can do a few tricks like "sitting up" and "dancing." One of her favorite things to do is to cuddle. She can't wait to have a little brother or sister to play with!


Our family is incredibly important to us and we LOVE spending time with them. They are all very supportive of us and our adoption journey. We all love to get together for any reason. All of our immediate family members live within a 10 mile radius, so it is easy for us to gather for any occasion, and of course, for the holidays! They are really excited to have a new addition to our family.

Our Home

We have lived in our house for a couple of years. It is 3 stories tall. We have 3 bedrooms and plenty of room for kids. We are really excited to turn the bedroom right by us into a nursery. We have an open grassy backyard and a large grassy area behind us for kids to play in. We have both lived in our city for most of our lives and love the area. Our house is in a great location. We are close to many parks, swimming pools, and splash pads. We are within walking distance to several restaurants and shops. There are festivals, farmer's markets, and holiday celebrations in our town that we love to go to. Our city has tons of great activities for children, including Friday night movies in the park. We are very excited to create new fun memories in our area with our future child.


We love to take vacations! We enjoy exploring new areas, and seeking new adventures. We try to take at least one big vacation a year, and some smaller trips over the weekends. We have been to several places including Colorado, the southern and northwestern parts of the U.S., Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and the Dominican Republic. Brandon has never been to Walt Disney World, so that is on our list of places to go. We are ready to go on some new adventures and make new memories as a family.

Thank You

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We want to thank you for taking the time to read our profile and share our life story. We have been and will continue praying for you, as both of our lives will be forever intertwined and changed, if you choose to select us. Please know that we consider this a blessing and an extraordinary gift, one we will guard and nurture with the utmost care and love. Our promise to you is that we will provide a loving and stable home, where we will continuously be patient and supportive with your child. Your child will always know the love you had for them from the beginning, and the courageous choice you made in choosing an adoption plan. We understand that you have a difficult decision ahead and wish you the very best.

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