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Alexander + Gina

We have always wanted to adopt a child and have a family. We cannot wait to be parents and give your child the opportunities and experiences we had growing up. We were both lucky to grow up in families that surrounded us with love and experiences, and we want to do the same for your child. We hope to give to your child all the possible tools to be a healthy and happy child and love your child the way we love each other.

Our Story Began In Crazy New York City Style

'Our Story Began in Crazy New York City Style' Image

Alex walked into the local hangout to celebrate a billiards victory. Gina was there hanging out with her rock-climbing friends. Initially, Gina thought that Alex was a loud American, and Alex thought Gina was a gorgeous Greek goddess, but he could not understand a word she said. Twelve years later, our life continues to be spontaneous and full of adventures and fun.

We enjoy a life together traveling the world sharing the good times and helping each other through the tough times. We push each other to be better, whether through business school, at our jobs, and even how we learn about new cultures. We visit our families every occasion we can throughout the year even though they are far away. Alex speaks a dozen Greek words, if that, and Gina recently met his huge 40 member Ukrainian family. So much more to learn and see!

We have always wanted children, and adoption is the next step in our wonderful journey together. We enjoy the company of friends and family and running around the park with the neighbor's kids, but the most precious part of the day for us is walking to the bus together in the morning. We chat about the day ahead or about our next trip. We like to come home and barbecue on the porch, cook in our kitchen, and listen to music together. We cannot wait to make our family of two, a family of three.

Meet Gina By Alexander

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When I met Gina 12 years ago I was instantly captivated by her European chic style, her brilliance and a smile that you could not stop looking at. I have never met a woman who has been so tender, sweet and supportive of me, so driven herself, yet a goofball at home when no one is looking. Sometimes when we are cooking and she is making a meal like the crazy scientist she is, I just stare for a second and smile, then realize she is the messiest person in the kitchen! She is so ambitious on the outside and yet acts so child-like on the inside, never too serious. When she walks in the door from a long business trip she yells out: "PJ mode!" and jumps into her pajamas running to the bedroom like a little kid and I just have to smile.

Gina loves to throw parties. Watching her craft and create and set up with so much love, I am truly blessed. Her sense of humor cracks me up as she calls the kitchen - chicken, and misspeaks many American phrases - always makes me laugh. She has shown me so much culture, introducing me to a new love of opera, traveling to countries I never thought I would see, yet loves to play video games with magic. Whether it is setting up for the kids for Halloween, dressing up like a fairy or seeing her so immersed in a Harry Potter novel, I realize that Gina is a kid at heart and I cannot wait for her to raise a child with me.

My Career (by Gina)

My passion has always been to have an impact on peoples' lives. As a scientist, I have done research on cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and as a director for a not for profit organization, I oversee grants for research that will improve the life of patients. I hope one day to find ways to prevent the development of diseases.

Meet Alex By Gina

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I call Alex my sunshine because in our life together, whether in our home or with our family or friends, he is the optimist who always finds solutions to support people to be happy and confident. When he comes to Greece to visit my family, he goes for walks with my father who does not speak a word of English. When they return, they are laughing like young children. I have no idea how they communicate, but it is something special. He is the most polite person I have ever met. On one of our first dates in a restaurant, I got up to go to the restroom and at the same time Alex also got up. I asked him, almost scared, "where are you going?" He said: "My father taught me to have the highest respect for everyone and especially women and to always stand when a lady leaves the table." After twelve years, Alex will always get up when I get up, he will always walk on the outside of the curb to "protect me" and he always pours the wine. He may act tough but he is a romantic at heart.

Alex deeply cares for his family, taking over his father's business just to support him and receiving nothing in return. His family calls Alex for anything they need. As I believe, they also believe that Alex will find solutions and he is a source of positive thinking. He has great relationships with our neighbors. The family who lives above us has two young grandchildren, (three and five years old), and they frequently come downstairs knocking on the door and loudly calling Alex's name. Alex will always spend time with them helping with homework, painting the walls (AH!!!!), dancing and playing games. As with children, he is kind with animals. When I see a crawling creature is in our house, Alex will catch it in a glass, go out to the local park, and release it to hopefully live a better life.

Alex will be a wonderful father. He is already dreaming about the new member of the family, what he will teach them, how to play, how his life, our life, will be enriched by the presence of a new member in the family. Alex is my sunshine and as any person on this earth, it is impossible to live without the sun.

My Career by Alex

I have worked on Wall Street and in finance my whole life but quit my job to start my own business, helping small businesses who are struggling. Through this experience, I took over my father's business so he could retire, but he never will! My passion has always been to help everyone around me, and the skills I have learned have given me the opportunity to show people that their business can be successful even when they feel they are at the end. It gives me such pleasure to see an owner of a company who is down on his luck turn the business around and be so proud to accomplish what they set out for. The American Dream has many challenges and I love helping people reach their dream.

We Live In New York City -- By The Water, Surrounded By Huge Parks.

We chose our home because we both grew up on the water and wanted a home in a quiet area surrounded by nature, with the luxury of being in one of the largest cities in the world. The home we moved into is very old with high ceilings, huge sliding wooden doors between rooms and a deck overlooking the park just begging to be barbecued on. We live in a very residential neighborhood filled with many diverse families, some even living on the same blocks together. Each summer they close down 20 blocks for four nights and have a Summer Stroll, where everyone eats outside and walks down the streets at night, bumping into neighbors, and letting the kids run wild!

We love to read and our home is filled with stuffed bookcases to go along with our simple art hardwood floors and large windows in every room. We are avid cooks and are always on the hunt for a new treasure to add to the kitchen which we have set up almost like a restaurant to cook for our friends and show off the refrigerator covered with cards of all our friends' children as they have grown over the years. In our bedroom we have a little box decorated with dolls we give each other whenever we are down with a cold to cheer us up and one day we cannot wait to pass them on to our little one.

Our Travels

'Our Travels' Image

Every year during the holiday season we go to Greece to celebrate the New Year. We spend a few days in Athens staying with family and going out with friends. Then, for a few days, we go to explore outside of Athens. We have been to Corfu, where Gina went for many summers to visit her grandparents. We drove through the northern part of Greece to the mountains and to the lakes. The people are always very hospitable, trying to feed us with delicious food. Our desire for exploring new cultures does not stop in Greece. Together we have travelled to most European countries, Canada, Vietnam, and Australia. Meeting new people, learning about new cultures and seeing new places is what makes us realize how beautiful the world is and how much we have to learn!

Our Hopes And Dreams

We have thought about being parents for a long time and we can't wait to start raising our child. Together with our families and friends, we will surround our child with love and attention. We will provide the greatest education we can and how to deal with challenges in life. We plan on teaching our child multiple languages that our parents grew up with because languages teach you about culture and how to be confident in communicating with new friends.

We will travel the world with our child to show the wealth of cultures and nature that we love so much, encouraging them to explore, meet new people, understand new cultures and histories. We will provide the opportunity to be anything he or she wants. We will encourage our child to jump on a plane to see China and its history while getting lost in a Harry Potter novel planning a trip to London.

Teach our child the value of a quiet day fishing and the fun of a loud barbecue with the neighbors. Give the freedom to run all day outside playing the sports we grew up with and curl up to a good book before bed. Dance in the kitchen to music and learn how to make a meal for their first date.

Learn about tradition, whether it be Christmas and Thanksgiving or our Ukrainian and Greek traditions of our families.

Teach our child to respect people and nature and give back to the Earth, as well as those who have provided help along the way. Be confident enough to ask for help yet humble enough to celebrate a friend's accomplishment.

We hope that our child will use the tools, traditions, and education we can give to create a life of their own, but we also hope that they never forget where they came from. We hope they remember that special brave sacrifice that you have made to give them the opportunity to live their dreams and complete ours.

Thank You

We have been through happy and sad events but what keeps us moving forward is the support and love we have between the two of us. We have been ready for a long time to bring a child into our family to provide the opportunity and strength to achieve their dreams. We are forever thankful to you for considering us to be the parents of your child and we hope you find peace in the decision that you make.

We live a life full of adventures, love for our work and love for each other.

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