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Alejandro + Diana

We are Alejandro and Diana. There are not enough words to say how grateful we are for giving us the opportunity of introducing ourselves and tell you more about our family. Thank you! We feel blessed to have this chance to start a family through the journey of the adoption.

Our Story

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Our life together started at a coffee shop, where we were set on a blind date by common friends which went very well. We found having many things in common. We both liked Harry Potter! (Reading is just one of the things we enjoy together). We started dating and got to know more of each other, so shortly after we were engaged. We got married just few days away from Christmas; 13 years ago, in a very small ceremony. Ever since, Christmas has been our favorite time of the year.

Growing Our Family

Our life together has been an everlasting journey; we have shared great moments and also have learned to overcome challenges together. For a few years, we had to manage a long distance relationship while Diana was finishing training (residency and Fellowship as part of her medical career). Although, we have to spend long hours traveling back and forth to see each other, and put up ourselves in this special circumstances; we were able to be ok and bond even more as a couple and as a family. We tried to build a family but we found out that we were dealing with infertility. This experience has help us grow more as people and as parents and having children has always been a part of us, so adopting is a wonderful opportunity. We have come to appreciate so much about this process thorough other couples who have adopted and through their children which have reaffirmed how wonderful of an experience this is.

Meet Alejandro (by Diana)

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Alejandro is the love of my life and my best friend. He is genuine, honest, good listener, familiar, and generous. Over anything he loves and put his family first. He makes me feel loved and cared for. He is very funny and makes me laugh. He is very supportive and has been by my side under any circumstance. He has been present and has helped me to achieve every milestone of my professional life. I do not have any doubt that he will be an excellent father. He will love and care of his children and will guide and prepare them into the world. He enjoys giving educational guidance to the youngest by participating in high school events in his free time. He is very hard worker and I am very proud of all his professional achievements as an engineer. Among Alejandro's hobbies reading is one his favorites. He also enjoys watching movies and sometimes playing videogames. He likes fixing and building things; he is the one maintaining, repairing and keeping our house updated.

Meet Diana (by Alejandro)

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Diana is everything to me. She is the first person I want to see when I wake up every day and the last person I want to see and talk to before I fall asleep. She is honest, sweet, caring, and a lovely person. But she is also strong, driven, resolute, calm and collected under any circumstance. As I have learned over the years, she is who she is because of her personality and she has accomplished so much because of her values. She is to me the perfect wife, friend and doctor. She may not share with ordinary people under ordinary talks her day to day work, but she is a pulmonary critical care physician. In one day, she is involved with more lifesaving decision that any of us will face in his or her entire life. She has to be strong and firm but also nurturing and empathizing. She is a wonderful person that I hope you will get to meet and get to know. She has always been very nurturing and loving and loves to spend time with nieces and nephews. She has always taken special interest on young girls who express interest in medicine and loves to guide and teach children. She will be a wonderful and caring mother to your (our) baby. She has a lot to give but she will be excessively grateful at receiving your extraordinary gift.

Our Home

We live in a small beautiful city with many parks, great schools and lots of fun outdoor activities. Diana works as a physician at a hospital in town (with a two-minute commute!) and Alejandro works as an engineer for an oil company.

We also enjoy spending free time at home and we love to swim with our fluffy friend--Henry--a two-year-old golden retriever who loves the water! We like to ride our bikes, go to local parks, go to outdoor concerts, we cook and have friends over. We love to go to Galveston and enjoy the beach and reminisce of our wedding there.

Our Family And Friends

Alejandro's family, mother and two married brothers and their children live near us and we often get together for a simple supper of for big celebrations. Diana's Family--parents and a brother-- are in Colombia, but we see each other as frequently as we can so either we travel once a year or every other year or they come to stay with us. We both have a large extended family. Alejandro's extended family live in South Texas and Diana's extended family lives spread out in our area and in Colombia, so we have a lot of family!

Our Adventures

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We enjoy traveling on our free time. Short trips on weekends and longer trips when we can plan. We travel to Bogota, Colombia about every other year to visit Diana's parents and nephews. As much as we enjoy traveling we also enjoy just spending quiet time at home, reading, watching movies, cooking and sometimes having friends visit. We love music and we are actively involved with our local Symphony and go to multiple concerts through the year.

Our Values

We hope to raise our children much like we were raised, optimistic about life with lots of love, encouragement, direction, understanding and guidance. We hope to raise confident, loving, ethical, loving children that will go into the world and accomplish their goals to the best of their abilities and develop into unique and special individuals. We want to expose our children to our culture and heritage (we are a Hispanic bilingual family) and want to give them the tools to learn all about the world. We will expose them to education as we were prepared by our families to go out and get an education which has been our means to our standard of living.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us. We realize this is a very difficult decision for your and we appreciate your consideration and wish you peace in whatever choice you make.


Diana and Alejandro

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