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Adam + Sonya

We're Adam and Sonya! We have a crazy little family with one amazing son, Evan, and two fur babies, Harper and Neyland. We are beyond excited for you to get to know us and to possibly be a part of your story.

Adam + Sonya

Before we go on and on about us, let us begin by thanking you for your courage and your selflessness in making what we only can imagine is the most difficult decision of your life. Please know your sacrifice and the amazing gift you are giving to a lucky couple or family is one that is beyond commendable. You are a giver of life, of hope, of family and we can't thank you enough for considering ours to be the recipient of your special gift. This saying has brought us comfort many, many times, and so we want to share this with you..."The Darkest Nights Produce the Brightest Stars."

Our Story

'Our Story ' Image

Speaking of stars, let's just say, they finally aligned for us. Although we first met online, through a process very similar to the one you are embarking on now, we spent our entire lives just missing each other. We grew up and lived in the same towns, just at different times. Adam likes to say our meeting was "kismet" or "meant to be." Kismet or not, we are lucky we found each other, share a similar sense of humor, and were able to form a strong, fun little team. We work well together, play hard together, live and love life together. As a family, we enjoy quick trips to the beach and having impromptu cookouts with our neighbors. We even have an annual crawfish boil with neighbors and friends. We are on our 6th year hosting.

Meet Adam (by His Lovely And Fun-loving Wife)

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Adam is and has always been a dreamer. He is a giver and is selfless with those he loves. Adam's never met a stranger and has contagious charisma. He is driven to better himself for his family and is a doting, proud father. In his spare time, he is putting together Legos with Evan or going to an estate sale or flea market with me. When he actually takes time for himself, which is rare, he gets together with our neighbors, plays video games, and enjoys watching most sports. Evan and I are so extremely lucky to have him as a father and husband. He is just the dreamer this grounded girl needs in her life.

Meet Sonya (by Her Overwhelmingly Handsome Husband)

'Meet Sonya (By her overwhelmingly handsome husband) ' Image

Sonya is the embodiment of "my better half." She is the yin to my yang and the rock in our family. She is reliable, loving, caring and has a great sense of humor. She tolerates my silliness on a daily basis and we both split time being the grown up when needed. Her beautiful eyes, warm smile and contagious laugh are enough to brighten anyone's day. Sonya has worked very hard to get what and where she is in life. She is often the structured one in our relationship, but is never afraid to have some fun. I am extremely lucky to have her in my life.

Meet Evan (by His Proud Parents)

We were blessed with our son Evan in September 2010. He must have been super excited to meet us because he came at 27 1/2 weeks at a tiny 2 lbs. His early arrival was a roller coaster to say the least, with a 3-month stay in the hospital and two very tired but thankful parents. Evan may have come into this world tiny but he has grown into an amazing and healthy young man with a huge heart and the kindest of spirits. Evan loves to put together Legos, play sports, be outside and cuddle with his mom and dad. He is super excited about being a big brother and has even offered to help with poopy diapers.

Meet Harper & Neyland

'Meet Harper & Neyland ' Image

We always have and will always be a family filled with fur! Harper Rose is an English Springer Spaniel who loves to first and foremost carry her blanket around with her EVERYWHERE, run outside and cuddle with her "sissy," Neyland. Harper is gentle, smart and incredibly stubborn. We adopted Neyland Noel from a local shelter to keep Harper company. She melted our hearts with how sweet and loving she was from the start. She loves to throw the ball to herself, yes to herself, and cuddle with anyone who is closest!


Being a parent is the most amazing, most nerve-wracking, and ultimately transformational experience of our lives. It is not always easy but we consistently strive to do what is best for Evan. We ensure he has new experiences, knows to take stock in the simple things in life and to cherish family and friends. We are immensely grateful to be Evan, Harper and Neyland's parents (can't forget the fur babies!) and look forward to expanding our most favorite role in the future.

Home & Family

We have been in our home for almost 10 years and reside just outside the city in a growing rural town. We have a community park, walking trail and dog park within walking distance of our house. We have an amazing network of family and friends just 20 minutes away from us. Our neighbors have become some of our best friends. You will often see the kids playing from house to house, while the parents watch and visit. Adam and Sonya had similar neighborhood experiences growing up and we are beyond lucky to have found this for our children.

Back To You…

We can't thank you enough for getting to know more about what makes us, well us. Maybe our adoption journey is kismet and we will get to know you in the future. We wish you all the luck in the world today and always. Never forget, you are truly amazing for choosing to give the gift of life and family. We are grateful to you for considering ours.

With love,

Adam, Sonya, Evan, Harper & Neyland

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