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Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective. For every couple chosen, licensed social workers do extensive background checks, conduct interviews, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations.

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Jeremy + Kimberley

We've been partners, best friends and each other's everything for 14 years. We are so grateful to you and we promise, that if you trust us with this tremendous gift, we'll do everything in our power to give this child the best life possible!

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Garrett + Nicole

We are travelers and love to explore. We like to have fun and not take life too seriously. We believe in love, faith, and family as our top priorities and hope to instill these in our children. We hope this profile touches your heart as you consider potential parents.

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Charles + Ellen

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We sincerely respect the courageous choice you are making in placing your baby for adoption. We promise you that in our family, your baby would be deeply loved, supported and encouraged through life!

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Josh + Ginny

Adventurous, fun loving couple who can't wait to share the joy of their lives with a child. We've been married for seven years, and have been blessed with a wonderful family, friends, and life together. We cannot wait to share those good things with a family of our own!

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Grant + Kimberly

About Grant and Kimberly: We were both born and raised in Texas. We met 15 years ago, when we were in college. We started dating soon after we met and knew early on that we would end up together. We were married 3 years later. We both come from families that are very close, so we have always wanted kids. Family is extremely important to us, and we are so excited to add a child to ours.

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Troy + Aimee

We know everyone has a story. Although we wish we could sit down and hear your story right now, we share ours with you here. We hope you are able to see who we are and our heart for family and adoption.

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Ryan + Andrea

Ryan & Andrea are a fun loving unique couple that love being active and in the outdoors especially at the beach - we love to spending time with our family, friends & Dogs. We are very excited to realize our dream of completing our family and can't wait to share that with our future little beach bum.

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Trevor + Laura

Welcome, Expectant Mother! We are Trevor, Laura, and James (future big brother!) It is an honor and a privilege to be considered as prospective adoptive parents for your child. We cannot imagine what you are going through as you are selecting a caring family to place your precious child with, but we are confident that your heart will lead you to the right match. We hope by looking through our pictures you will learn a little about our life together. Our hearts are open and we are ready to grow our family again! We adopted our son James in November of 2015 and are ready to add to our love.

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