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Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective. For every couple chosen, licensed social workers do extensive background checks, conduct interviews, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations.

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Chad + Jess

Our Script: Well, we began like most...well you know not really...Chad and I met while teaching (I am a theatre teacher and he is a music teacher and now certified principal), at the time I had this ball of 18 month old red headed energy "Sonny" along for the ride. Chad and I became very close friends, a short while later we married and became a family. We love to travel, to see new places and things, to spend time with our youth group and our students, church trips, school activities, hanging with family and friends on the lake, and being teachers we especially love our summers. We are unique, artistic, fun, and ready with open arms to add to our family and life.

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Justin + Lydia

We would like to take this opportunity to first thank you for considering our profile, and to introduce ourselves by painting a picture of what a loving home we have to share. We hope that as you read this, you are as interested in knowing more about us as we are in knowing more about you! We admire you for your obvious strength and courage and wish you all the best as you explore adoption.

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Cornelius + Deneen

We are Cornelius and Deneen. We are so excited to start this adoption journey and share our family with you. We are a loving and fun couple that has been married for seven years. Each year of marriage, our love has grown and showed us new things about each other. We look forward to sharing our love with a child and all the experiences of parenthood. We appreciate and respect your journey. We are open to sharing our hearts with you, as you consider us as parents.

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Mike + Megan

Hi! We are Megan and Mike, and we hope this profile is just the first step in illustrating the type of family we are, and the love and life we could give your child. We look forward to getting to know each other better, and will keep you in our prayers as you make your decision for the life that you envision for your child.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We want to express our appreciation for who you are and the tough decision you have to make, no matter what the outcome of that decision is. We are not assuming to know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes, but we do understand that this must be a difficult time for you and you are probably experiencing a wide range of emotions. We want you to know that you are not alone, and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

We hope learning a little about us will help to start building a connection, because we have heard that once you start communicating and getting to know each other better, the process becomes easier and less scary going through it together.


Megan & Mike

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David + Lan

We want you to know how much we admire your courage and the tremendous love you have for your child. Thank you for choosing life and adoption for your precious baby. We cannot imagine all the emotions that are going through your heart and mind. We pray that you would feel God's incredible peace and love as you make these hard decisions. We hope we can make this journey easier for you, so let us introduce ourselves to you.

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Jay + Stacey

Hi! We're Jay and Stacey. Thank you for taking time to take a look into our lives. We understand that this decision is one that takes courage and selflessness. We hope that you find the best fit for your child, and most of all we want you to be happy.

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Brett + KerriLynn

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves. We would first like to acknowledge the difficulty of the decision you're about to make. We cannot pretend to know what you are going through, but we can tell you that we think you are the bravest person we can think of. Although we cannot truly understand your sacrifice, we can understand the love you have for your baby and your desire to want the best for him or her. Our desire is to be able to shower this child with love and surround them with family that will encourage, nurture and cherish them. We want to give them every opportunity,but still allow them their own individuality. We want to raise your child with respect and kindness. Adopting our son Colton was an incredible experience and we are excited to expand our family. We are deeply humbled and greatly honored that you have taken the time to read this. Thank you!

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Jim + Layne

Your decision to create an adoption plan for your child shows you're a courageous and loving person. We hope that our profile gives you a glimpse of who we are and what we value. We are a fun-loving family with the desire to grow. We have a lot of love to give, and we hope you will consider our family for your precious child.

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