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Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective. For every couple chosen, licensed social workers do extensive background checks, conduct interviews, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations.

Brandon + Laura

Hey, there. Welcome to our adoption profile! We're Brandon and Laura. We're excited to become parents and are thrilled to be at this stage of the adoption process - you're reading our profile! Yay!

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Garrett + Nicole

We are travelers and love to explore. We like to have fun and not take life too seriously. We believe in love, faith, and family as our top priorities and hope to instill these in our children. We hope this profile touches your heart as you consider potential parents.

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George + Eve

We are George & Eve - a loving family of four and we're excited to expand our family through adoption and welcome your child into our family and home. We want you to know your baby will be loved and cared for every day of their life.

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Nat + Abigail

We are a family, and consider you to be a special part of our family. That is forever. We embrace and support you and your child with all that we are every step of this journey. We have the utmost respect for you, your strength, and your courage. We know the love you have for your child is like no other. We will forever honor that love. We look forward to getting to know you and joining you in the adoption journey. We hope this text and images give you a sense of us as individuals, a family and as parents.

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Derek + Joelle

We're a fun loving couple who enjoys spending time with family, art, music, live comedy, live theater, enjoying the outdoors and more! We cannot wait to share our love with a child. We have prayed for you every day since we decided to adopt and we look forward to getting to know more about you.

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Jason + Carrie

Hello, Thank you so much for considering us as possible parents for your child. We are very excited to become parents. We are very open and loving people and only wish to share our lives with a child. We know that this is the right path for us and hopefully you and your child can join us for the next part of our journey. Regardless of who you choose, know this, your courage and selflessness is truly amazing.

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Charles + Ellen

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We sincerely respect the courageous choice you are making in placing your baby for adoption. We promise you that in our family, your baby would be deeply loved, supported and encouraged through life!

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David + Lan

We want you to know how much we admire your courage and the tremendous love you have for your child. Thank you for choosing life and adoption for your precious baby. We cannot imagine all the emotions that are going through your heart and mind. We pray that you would feel God's incredible peace and love as you make these hard decisions. We hope we can make this journey easier for you, so let us introduce ourselves to you.

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