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Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective. For every couple chosen, licensed social workers do extensive background checks, conduct interviews, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations.

Leo + Jennifer

We believe that life is too short to take too seriously. Silliness is not optional in our family. We will teach our child to embrace life experiences and write their own story instead of watching someone else's on TV. You are already helping them write the first chapter!

We are a MULTI-CULTURAL and BILINGUAL family with several ADOPTED family members and friends supporting us on our journey.

We have so much love to share and only wish for the opportunity to share it!

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Marcos + Simran

Our journey has been wonderful so far, filled with love and laughter, but it still has plenty of room to grow. We are looking forward to growing our family by welcoming more children into our home and we're so thankful you're reading our story.

While we are grateful for the option of adoption, we cannot even begin to understand what you may be going through. We realize that our greatest joy may be one of your most difficult decisions and we hope that, together, we can help each other. We know that you will always be a part of our lives in whatever way you choose and we look forward to it.

We thank you for considering us to be a part of your plan and life story. We are extremely honored and look forward to the future.

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Grayson + Ashley

Loving, Selfless and Courageous. These are just a few words that we believe describe your character and heart as you make a plan for your child through the path of adoption. We are humbled by the bravery and expression of deep love you are showing for your unborn child as you choose adoption. We are honored that you would take the time to get to know a little bit more about our family as you make the most important decision in your life and the life of your child.

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Jerry + Tracey

You chose Adoption because you love your child. We chose Adoption because we love your child.

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Daniel + Valerie

We want to thank you, first and foremost, for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and our lives. We have been married 11 years and are looking forward to adding to our family since we do not have any children of our own. We believe that you are facing one of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make. We deeply understand it takes strength, courage, selflessness, and love to choose adoption. Our hearts and souls lie in providing the very best for your child.

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Adam + Cindy

We're Cindy and Adam. We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We put together this profile to give you an idea of who we are and the enormous amount of love we have for each other, for our families, and for the baby we think about every day. We've wanted a family for a long time and would feel incredibly blessed if this dream became a reality through adoption. We appreciate that you are considering us as you search for the best possible home for your baby. More importantly, if you choose us, we want you to feel safe and at peace with your decision. We look forward to speaking with you so we can begin to get to know each other better. We are interested in what your hopes and dreams are for your future and the life you imagine for your baby.

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Kevin + Jaime

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better and meet our family. It is hard to put on paper who we really are so we hope through our stories and pictures, you will have a clear understanding of the loving family we can provide for your child. We admire your selfless act in creating an adoption plan for your child. We are very excited to get to know you better!

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Chase + Kendall

We admire you and your adoption plan for your baby. We are praying for you and your baby. God has a plan for your child and we hope to be a part of His story for him or her!

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