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Adoption is a loving parenting option in which you have the unique opportunity to provide a quality of life for your child that you may not be able to offer him/her at this time. It is a loving and courageous plan made because you are able to put your child's needs before your own, knowing that he/she deserves something more than you can provide at this point in your life.

The face of adoption looks much different now than it did in previous generations. Adoption today gives pregnant women the opportunity to create their own unique adoption plan. You will be able to hand-pick your adoptive family, talk with them, meet them and correspond with them through letters and pictures allowing you to stay connected as your child grows. You can develop your own desired plan with support from your counselor.

Though adoption is a positive decision for you and your child, the decision does not come without difficulties and challenges. Making a plan for your child to become a permanent part of someone else’s family is not an easy choice. Grief and loss are natural emotions you will feel as you think about choosing a family to nurture and care for your child. However, this pain is someday replaced by strength. When a mother makes the unselfish decision to give her child a lifetime of special opportunities through adoption, she is rewarded with peace of mind by knowing that she did the very best thing for her child.

As you consider adoption, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like your baby would have a better life if he/she were raised by a married couple who could offer him/her more than you can right now?
  • Do you think that your chances of accomplishing your personal goals would be greater if you were not a parent at this time in your life?
  • If you could choose the parents to adopt your child, would that make you feel more comfortable with adoption?
  • If you knew that you could tell your child your reasons for choosing adoption, do you think that would make your adoption decision easier?
  • If you were able to receive counseling and emotional support both during and after your pregnancy, would that help you deal with making an adoption plan?
  • If you knew that your child would be able to receive emotional support from an adoption professional if he/she needed it down the road – would that help you feel more confident about your adoption decision?
  • If you knew that all of the adoptive parents you had to choose from had first been required to spend years going through an extensive screening process before being approved to adopt a child, would that help you feel more certain about your child’s safety and security?
  • If you could talk to someone who was in the process of placing a child for adoption or who had already placed her child for adoption, would that help answer some of your personal questions?

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